Undergraduate: BFA/BArch


  • Is RISD's Architecture Department accredited?
    Yes. Both our undergraduate B.Arch and graduate M.Arch degree programs are accredited. For more information on acreditation, please visit our accreditation page.
  • What do graduates of Architecture go on to do?
    Graduates in architecture follow diverse career paths. Many go on to become registered architects in the U.S. and abroad; according to a recent alumni survey, a large percentage found their own offices. In recent years, many graduates have started fabrication or construction-based design firms, realizing the ideas that they initiate at the scale of architecture, furniture and installation design. A fairly large percentage of Bachelor of Architecture recipients pursue advanced degrees (Master and Doctoral Studies) in Urbanism, History/Theory of Architecture and other areas.
  • What do you look for in an applicant/application portfolio?

    The Department of Architecture thrives on the diversity of intelligences contributed by its students and faculty. We look for the ability to communicate through visual means, evidence of spatial cognitive capacity, and the capacity to state directly and articulately the thoughts that are compelling to the candidate. A strong work ethic and critical eye are very important to the discipline, and if these can be evidenced in the caliber of the work and writing submitted, it is to the applicant’s benefit.

  • What makes RISD's Architecture program unique?
    RISD represents one of only a few professional architecture degree programs in the U.S. that is embedded in an institution of art and design. This expresses itself in the curricular structure, with its strong emphasis on studio and practices of making; the practice and schooling of critical thinking integrates the studio context to the study of the liberal arts, architectural history and theory, and construction technologies. RISD’s program balances the concerns of architecture seen as a pure cultural pursuit against the increasing mandate for creative intervention into the global issues of equity and responsible use of resources.