Graduate: MFA

  • How do I know if I'm ready for grad school?
    In addition to a strong portfolio, we're looking for quality of thought and purpose, and a high level and range of skills, experience, innovation, commitment, curiosity and ambition.

  • If I pursue my MFA at RISD, what other opportunities are available to me?
    Ceramics faculty members make it a priority to seek out international opportunities for our students and, when possible, to provide financial support. The RISD Ceramics Department is establishing a thematic, cross-disciplinary art residency at a traditional working studio site in Japan. Our grads and undergrads now have the opportunity to work in ceramics and travel in Japan during RISD’s six-week Wintersession and over the summer. In addition, the Ceramics Department goes on regular field trips to New York City and NCECA, and there is always the potential for travel and field study each year with interdisciplinary groups at RISD — anywhere from Germany to Italy to Australia, etc.

  • Is my work good enough for me to get into your program?
    We'll look at your portfolio images and consider the depth, breadth and momentum of your exploration. We're interested in how you make forms, form questions, question conventions and take risks. By intelligently editing and organizing your portfolio, you can emphasize the issues most central to your work.
  • What is the focus of the graduate program in Ceramics?

    Our faculty supports the rigorous development of each graduate student's independent, studio-based practice. Whether focused on sculpture, installation or functional pottery and pursuing architectural, design-based, experimental, traditional or pedagogical inquiry, our graduate students approach their work differently, yet leave the program equipped to contribute a remarkable depth of material research and critical perspective to the field.

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