Graduate: MFA


  • Can I transfer to the master's program in D+M?
    Since this program is a rigorous, full-time, two-year course of study at the graduate level, we do not accept transfer applicants
  • Do I need to know how to program to be admitted to D+M?
    No. We're looking for people with four years of experience with digital media of different kinds, but you don't need to be a programmer or even know much about programming.
  • Do you consider applicants with CS or EE degrees?

    Yes. D+M accepts applications from candidates with either Computer Science or Electrical Engineering backgrounds if their portfolio and/or skill base is appropriate.

  • If am a media designer, is D+M the right place for me?
    D+M does admit designers, but our primary focus is the creative exploration of digital media. In other words, we educate the designer of the future in an environment where you set your own design brief in consultation with full- and part-time faculty.
  • What are 'node classes'?
    The term "node" suggests one point on a non-linear trajectory, and we use it in Digital+Media to represent a new model for studio classes at the graduate level. These three-credit studio classes are generally five hours in length and offer a concentrated interdisciplinary or transdisciplinary approach to creative exploration in digital media.
  • What kind of students enroll in D+M?
    Each of our students is unique. Our node classes are diverse and the potential is to combine node classes and other classes at RISD and Brown University in a creative and unique manner for each student. We suggest that you look closely at the node class offerings before entering the department.
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