Undergraduate: BFA

  • What do graduates of Film/Animation/Video go on to do?
    Since 1973 this program has graduated a about one thousand students. These individuals often choose their own path. Alumni go on to attend graduate school, produce independent film and animations and participate in art world events such as festival screenings and gallery shows. They have become professors, work in specific production areas such as editing or compositing, and own production companies.
  • What do you look for in an applicant/application portfolio?
    FAV looks for dedication to media production as an art form with strong evidence of finesse in physical materials, digital processes, people skills, drawing skills, and a proficiency in telling stories.
  • What makes RISD's Film/Animation/Video program unique?
    FAV combines animation and lens based moving image practices into an integrated study. We view independent media production as an all-inclusive practice and students are expected to author their own works from start to finish. We emphasize giving the student the critical skills necessary to evaluate their work and invent appropriate solutions to problems they encounter. FAV is a department within a fine arts division.
FAV Foreground Image 5
 Andrew Fogel, Tempus Ex Machina, poster