Undergraduate: BFA


  • What do graduates of Furniture Design go on to do?
    Our graduates enter one of the broadest ranges of practice imaginable – from starting their own studios to working in architectural and interiors firms, working in design companies large and small, producing their own product lines, licensing designs, working in design consultancies, teaching, showing in galleries, making custom commissions, and creating many hybrid forms of professional practice. Our undergraduates who go on to graduate study also have very high acceptance rates in their first choice programs.
  • What do you look for in an applicant/application portfolio?
    Students enter the Department through freshmen selection or through our transfer application process. For transfer students, we look for evidence of good conceptual capabilities, and strong capacity in two and three-dimensional design through portfolio review.
  • What makes RISD's Furniture Design program unique?
    There is no other department that is so comprehensive in scope while being so open to experimentation and risk. Our facilities and community fabrication resources are unmatched, and we hold the highest number of faculty working with students compared to any competitor program. Our faculty encourage student development that takes many different paths, rather than looking solely through art, industry, or any one form of practice. Our alumni are adept at multiple forms of professional accomplishment, and are noticed for their ability to resolve and realize ideas at the highest level of achievement.
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 Tyler Inman, BFA 06, Bench