Undergraduate: BFA

  • What do graduates of Graphic Design go on to do?
    Our BFA graduates have a solid grounding in typography, visual language skills and design methodologies. This enables a confidence to work with open boundaries while questioning precepts of sustainability fundamental to human endeavors. Our graduates might tap into the global network of our Graphic Design alumni, work for established design firms, or start up to work independently. Graduates may take their talents to an area of personal interest, such as publishing, museum, fashion, internet or cinema work. Some undergraduates return to graduate school to go deeper into their practice or continue with related studies, or to pursue a teaching career.
  • What do you look for in an applicant/application portfolio?
    Solid drawing and design abilities are essential, along with excellence in academic skills and critical thought. Applicants interested in Graphic Design should broaden their visual skills with various explorations in other media. Specific graphic design classes are not required for applicants entering the Foundation year. Transfer students are accepted directly into Graphic Design and thus undergo a focused review. The primary concern is for transfers to be on par with our excellent Foundation students, with a solid academic accomplishments as the basis for developing inquiries into graphic design processes.

  • What makes RISD's Graphic Design program unique?
    A proven and exemplary graphic design curriculum that continues to evolve while preserving a core design methodology of critical thinking, theory, practice and exploration. Our dedicated faculty bring decades of teaching and professional experience to the program, and visiting designers and critics add varied and global perspectives to the studios. Traditional and emerging technologies are integrated into the broader studio experience to help students focus on their conceptual strengths while also nurturing their individual design interests and sensibilities.
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