Undergraduate: BFA

  • What do graduates of Illustration go on to do?
    RISD Illustration alumni are sometimes hard to spot because our scope of creative activity is surprisingly broad. While many of us go the traditional route, we are not only illustrators of books, magazines, and other forms of pictorial communication, but animators, designers, art directors and successful gallery artists. In short, while we're grounded in drawing and painting, we don't limit ourselves to making pictures on flat surfaces. Our program prepares students for a myriad of unexpected opportunities.
  • What do you look for in an applicant/application portfolio?
    Since illustration is concerned with visual communication, we're naturally looking as much for intellectual curiosity and a desire to communicate as we are for the potential to develop your technical skills as an artist. Solid drawing and painting abilities are definitely an advantage, but we also look for evidence of visual thinking and an impressive conceptual element in an applicant's portfolio.

  • What makes RISD's Illustration program unique?
    Simply put, our close-knit community of students and faculty make the difference. RISD’s admissions standards are high and this assures you of equally high standards in your classes and among your peers. Likewise, the talents of our diverse faculty respond to the changing face of the Illustration field; and we have capable, experienced professors in all areas of study—from drawing, painting and printmaking to digital media, game design and children’s books. Our students have consistently won top honors in national competitions and our forward thinking faculty have an unwavering commitment to providing the best possible educational experience.
Illustration Foreground Image 1
Jung ah (Violet) Kim, Chalkboard, mixed media