Graduate: MFA

  • How can I determine if RISD's MFA program in Jewelry + Metalsmithing is the right one for me?
    If you attend one of the In Focus open house events, a current graduate student from our department will take you on a brief campus tour immediately following the general session and will then escort you to our studios to meet with the Graduate Program Coordinator, who will answer more specific questions about the program. If you're not able to visit before deciding on where to apply, you're welcome to speak with the Department Head or Grad Program Coordinator via phone or e-mail.
  • How do you decide whom to admit?
    After reviewing each application, the Department Head and Graduate Program Coordinator conduct phone interviews with a short list of applicants and invite selected finalists for on-campus interviews. Once final decisions are made, any candidate who is wait-listed is notified after accepted candidates confirm their intentions, Sasaki Associates and the Rockwell Group, among others.
  • How many applications do you receive for each available opening?
    Approximating 30 to 40 candidates apply to our graduate program each year. We accept six new students for fall enrollment, for a total of 12 MFA candidates enrolled in our two-year program.
  • What do you look for in a graduate candidate?

    We're looking for committed, mature and informed students who have developed a clear understanding of the philosophy, expectations and structure of our program. Candidates need to be able to engage in independent work, respond open-mindedly to feedback and dialogue, and take risks that may be uncomfortable.

  • What do your graduates do after earning their MFAs?
    Many of our alumni establish independent studios (either individual, collective or both), producing one-of-a-kind gallery work and/or limited production pieces. Some go on to design for the industry and/or create work on commission. Others open galleries, teach and/or pursue artists' residencies.
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Yong Joo Kim, Velcro Round Neckpiece, velcro, silver