Graduate: MFA

  • Are there opportunities to teach at RISD?
    Yes. As an MFA candidate in Painting, you will be given a Teaching Assistantship and will have the opportunity to teach a course of your own during Wintersession of your second year. Some of our grad students also take part in the programs offered through the Sheridan Center for Teaching and Learning at Brown University.
  • Can I talk to current students and faculty during the admissions process?
    If you're a finalist, you'll be invited to RISD for an in-person interview with a team of Painting Department faculty members. You'll also have an opportunity to talk with current grad students and tour our studios and the entire RISD campus.
  • Do Painting students have any contact with the New York art world?
    Yes. New York is a little over three hours away from Providence. Regularly scheduled trips to museums and galleries give students a taste of the professional art world and visits to artists' studios provide insight into what it's like to be a practicing artist there. The majority of the artists and critics who visit RISD are based in New York City. In addition, graduate students often organize their own weekend trips to New York and Boston.
  • Do you promote a specific style of painting at RISD?

    No. Because we're committed to assisting each student in developing his or her own vision, you'll find an enormous diversity in formal and conceptual approaches, painting styles and interests among our faculty. A shared passion for the history and craft of painting is what binds us all together as artists.

  • Will I be able to take courses in other departments?
    Yes. We have strong majors at RISD, but with permeable borders. Many students seek expertise and guidance beyond their own departments, either through courses or by meeting with and/or asking specific professors to visit their studio for a crit. Your grad advisor can help you to locate the best opportunities and conversations for your particular needs.
Painting foreground image 3
Hannah Tarr, Mickey’s Funeral/Oh, how we remember him!, oil on canvas