Undergraduate: BFA

Painting has always been among the most popular fine arts majors at RISD. After all, painting is a means of human expression that pre-dates history and remains as inspiring and relevant today as it was during the Renaissance or the Impressionist movement or the Pop Art period in the 1960s.

By majoring in Painting, you’ll develop the purpose, direction, confidence and technical skills needed to express your ideas as an artist. Professors encourage both the freedom and discipline essential to this process by embracing a wide range of aesthetic attitudes and offering flexible programs, along with a place where ideas rooted in the tradition of painting are openly examined and exchanged, challenged and refined.

All of these elements, combined with an active community of both undergraduate and graduate Painting majors, create a stimulating atmosphere conducive to your own creative exploration and growth.

Painting foreground image 3
Hannah Tarr, Mickey’s Funeral/Oh, how we remember him!, oil on canvas