Everyone takes photographs, but not everyone is a photographer. It takes an artistic eye, a certain passion and well-honed technical skills to develop into a professional.

As a Photography major, you’ll push the boundaries of the discipline and challenge established ways of seeing as you fully explore how photographic images are made, presented and interpreted. Beginning with film processing and darkroom printing, you’ll move on to experimenting with digital capture and imaging in various forms. This includes high-end printing at medium and large scales, and web, installation, book and video projects.

Professors will challenge you to really think about and articulate your ideas and will help you to strengthen your expressive and technical skills in response to both studio assignments and personal projects. Whether you go on to specialize in commercial or editorial photography, teach, pursue a fine arts career, start your own business or combine several options, you’ll leave RISD able to fully express your own unique way of seeing the world.

Photo foreground image 5
Katie Koti, Divide, archival inkjet print