Graduate: MFA

  • Are there any opportunities for internships?
    Yes, many of our graduate students intern at major print workshops and with visiting artists during Wintersession and over the summer.

    RISD Editions is a component of the department that gives students an opportunity to participate in the production of professional quality editions under the guidance of a master printer. One or two projects are conducted per academic year. Students can observe how a project begins, watch the artist make critical decisions and understand the master printer’s role in ensuing that the collaboration precedes smoothly. This experience is open to both undegraduate and graduates students.

  • Do graduate students get private studios?
    Yes, each graduate student is given large private space in the Fletcher Building. These spaces are used 24 hours a day for individual studio practice and at times for individual critiques with visiting critics.
  • Do graduate students teach courses of their own?
    Yes, during the second year of study you're invited to teach a course that you conceive of and develop yourself. This usually takes place over RISD's six-week Wintersession.

  • What technical facilities are available for printmaking at RISD?
    As a graduate student, you have access to two well-equipped buildings: Benson Hall, a multipurpose facility that includes digital and darkroom equipment as well as large areas for intaqlio, silkscreen and lithography; and Mason Building, which offers a large print studio for producing private press editions.
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