Undergraduate: BFA

With its own building full of specialized presses, Printmaking invites you to explore both traditional and experimental techniques for reproducing your own images using inks and paper.

By carving or etching a design onto almost any surface, you can print multiples onto another surface, varying each reproduction as you like. You’ll learn to master the nuances of working in intaglio, lithography, screenprint, relief, digital and alternative print methods – all of which are available as a means of finding your own voice and fueling your artistic development.

As a Printmaking major, you’ll study original prints and other world-class works of art behind the scenes at the RISD Museum of Art, which offers a valuable resource for both undergraduate and graduate students in the program. Critical insights from faculty, visiting artists and other print-world professionals will help you to develop mature personal work that both expresses your personal vision and is responsive to the issues defining this dynamic field.

Printmaking Foreground 1