Graduate: MFA

The graduate program in Textiles at Rhode Island School of Design focuses on the design of textiles for interiors and apparel. Working from a foundation of solid technical skills, including skills in advanced digital technologies, and a proficient design process, students are encouraged to develop their own vision. Through research, they gain an understanding of design as an expression of a continually evolving culture. This will serve them well when, as designers, they will be expected to act as problem solvers who are responsive to the needs of both the local and the global society as well as the needs of the environment, and their work will reflect the values of both individuals and communities.

Students work closely with the department's accomplished faculty and establish vital connections to the profession through required internships, seminar speakers, field trips, visiting critics and communications with experts in the field.

Graduate students in the Textile Department have to meet a sixty-six credit requirement. During their two years in the program, students are required to take three drawing or color electives and three graduate seminar electives. For those students without prior experience in the field, an internship, usually during the summer, is done.

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