Undergraduate: BFA

A field in constant flux, textiles isn’t only about sitting at a traditional loom, quietly weaving. As a Textiles major, you’ll also have the opportunity to work with breakthrough technologies to master the art of fabric, fiber and pattern, and get a strong grounding in global artistic, social and cultural concerns at the same time.

You’ll work with the high-end equipment used in the field – multiharness handlooms, computer-interfaced looms and an electronic jacquard loom – as you learn to master advanced weaving techniques. Both hand-operated and electronic knitting machines allow for further exploration of knitted fabrics. The department also offers a digital textile printer, a fully equipped dye lab, silkscreen studios and a CAD lab with the latest industry software used by professional textile designers and fiber artists.

As practicing professionals themselves, professors support your development as an artist and designer who will energize the field through your personal vision – whether you’re designing work intended for industrial production or creating one-of-a-kind fine art pieces.

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