Faculty: Lorraine Howes


Lorraine Howes began her fashion career in South Africa before going to London to work for major couture houses. Coming to the USA her collections sold to stores in New England and New York as well as a couture clientele.

In 1972 she was invited to teach the Senior Studio at RISD and in 1976 was appointed Head of Apparel Design. Lorraine was Head until 1999 during which time she taught studio classes, produced and commentated the annual Fashion Show and expanded and developed the curriculum to take students through all aspects of Apparel Design including a comprehensive knitwear program. She expanded the fledgling internship program to enable all Apparel Design students to serve at least once in a major American or European company.

In addition to studio classes, since 1975 she has taught History of Dress using the Museum’s collections, a class she continues to teach. She frequently serves as advisor to graduate students in the Textile Department and enjoys being invited as a Critic for Apparel Design and as a speaker to off-campus organizations.

Lorraine Howes has received the Faculty member of the Year Award, 1985; the John R Frazier Award for Excellence in Teaching, 1993; the Alumni Association Honorary Award, 1995; and the Helen Rowe Metcalf Award for Excellence in the Arts, 2003.

Lorraine Howes


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