Faculty: Maha Barsom


The road to fashion design began at age eight for Ms. Barsom, when she began constructing dolls from fabric and designing clothes for them. Throughout her schooling, she excelled in art classes, pursuing perfection in the finest details of each and every project. She began designing and making her own clothes at a young age, striving to make each design better than the last.

Ms. Barsom studied business and taught economics and accounting for several years, but her passion for design turned her focus to fashion once again. She honed her skills at the Rhode Island School of Design and studied apparel design and haute couture in Paris.

In 2006, her business and fashion talents coalesced when she launched her signature line of luxurious shirts and blouses for women and opened a boutique on Boston’s fashionable Newbury Street. Ms. Barsom’s line reflects the vision she has cultivated and refined over the years, seeking interpretations that are at once aesthetic and pure, sensual and feminine. Her goal is to balance smart and elegant with simple and practical in designs that survive the passage of time and showcase the beauty of a woman in any surrounding.

Since 2002, she has been teaching apparel design as a Lecturer at the Rhode Island School of Design, passing her knowledge while inspiring and encouraging the next generation of fashion designers.

Maha Barsom

Maha Barsom

Senior Critic

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