Faculty: Dongwoo Yim


Dongwoo Yim is a part-time faculty at the Rhode Island School of Design and co-founder of the firm PRAUD (Progressive Research in Architecture, Urbanism and Design). He teaches an elective seminar class “Topology and Typology” which addresses the issue of what contemporary architectural typology is. It is also the topic that he develops at PRAUD as its unique architectural language.

Mr. Yim has professional experience in countries such as South Korea, The Netherlands, Japan and the United States. He had participated mostly in cultural and institutional projects which include complete works in Junglim Architecture, Maki & Associates, and Machado & Silvetti Associates. Since 2010, he has run PRAUD in Boston with Rafael Luna. PRAUD focuses on design and research based on contemporary architectural language and have participated in major international competitions to test out their theory "Topology and Typology."

Mr. Yim received his Bachelors degree from Seoul National University and Master of Architecture in Urban Design from Harvard University Graduate School of Design. His theses in both degrees focused on urban transformation of city and architectural typologies that respond to and catalyze morphological change of the city.

His research on "Pyongyang, and Pyongyang After," funded by Mokcheon Foundation, is an extended research from his Masters' degree thesis Urban Transformation of Pyongyang at Harvard University. It was published in 2010 by Hyohyung Publishing in Korea. Another urban research publication, I Want to be METROPOLITAN; Boston Case Study by Mr. Yim and PRAUD, is expected to be published this Fall 2012. 


Academic Research/Areas of Interest

Topology and Typology

Dongwoo Yim

Dongwoo Yim


  • MAUD, Harvard University Graduate School of Design


  • ARCH-21ST