Faculty: Jennifer Horan


Jennifer received her doctorate in Comparative Literature at the Graduate Center New York and the University of Paris IV, the Sorbonne in Paris, France.  As an undergraduate, she studied Continental Philosophy, and upon finishing her studies she traveled to Italy with intentions of becoming a fashion designer.  While in Italy, she served as a translator for courses on sources of inspiration for artists.  Upon returning to the States, she moved to New York and enrolled at Parsons School of Design, however, her love for philosophy trumped all other interests, which brought her to graduate school.  Since then, she has married her passion for design with literary genre, especially composite and hybrid genres which mesh together verbal and visual languages, music, dance and other art forms.  Her dissertation was an inquiry in Romantic poetic drama, borrowing largely from contemporary philosophy to highlight the avant-garde practices of the Romantics.  Currently, she is working on a project that pursues silence in lyric poetry, connecting this to gestural genres, pantomime and other silent forms. This fall she teaches Design in Words to first year students, and in the Winter Session, she teaches Philosophy through Creative Writing.

Jennifer Horan

Jennifer Horan


  • BA, Boston College
  • PHD, City College - New York


  • LAS-E101
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