Faculty: Maurizia Natali


Maurizia Natali is on sabbatical for Wintersession 2014.

Born in Florence, Italy, Maurizia Natali studied in her country and in France, where she obtained a Ph.D. in film history and theory from the Sorbonne Nouvelle University in Paris. She has been teaching at RISD since 1996 where now she is senior lecturer at the Liberal Arts department, History of Art and Visual Culture. She has published on landscape in American cinema, art and film history, film iconology and aesthetics of cinema. She has given lectures at RISD, at Brown University, at the Providence Athenaeum, in New York as well as in Canada, France and UK. She has given courses at RI College and Brown University (Italian Studies). At RISD she has introduced and teaches these courses:

Masterpieces return, a Critical Art History of Cinema

Landscape in American Painting, Photography and Cinema

Dreams on Screen: Psychoanalysis, Filmmakers and Spectators

Non-narrative Pleasures, the art & craft of the Essay Film

Academic Research/Areas of Interest

Her research work and interests deal with Aesthetics and Theory of Film, Film relationships with Art History, Politics and Iconology. She is also interested in the relationships between Film and other Media, and Cinema and Psychoanalysis. Her ongoing projects deal with the aesthetics of filmed dreams, Freud and cinema, and with the contemporary status of cinema, film and the moving images in contemporary art and post-media age.

Maurizia Natali

Maurizia Natali

Senior Lecturer

  • MPH, University of Florence
  • PHD, University of Sorbonne


  • HAVC-H505
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