Faculty: Bryan Rodrigues


Prior to my incarnation as an instructor of computer software I worked as an adventure tour guide in the American southwest, and an administrator in the map department at AAA. I delivered pizza and worked in convenience stores while finishing my degree in 1995, which I did without the aid of a computer. I am primarily known for my unconventional political artwork associated with Robert J. Healey and the Cool Moose Party. I was the editor of my high school yearbook and part of a student exchange to the Soviet Union in 1989. I also lived in Jerusalem for 6 months. My primary creative influences are Luis Buñuel, Andrei Tarkovsky, Bob Dylan, Joseph Campbell, Marshall McLuhan, and Roy Lichtenstein. I don’t own a cell phone, but I do own a 1967 Airstream.

Academic Research/Areas of Interest

I studied history and education at Rhode Island College, and my greatest interest still lies in the arts and humanities. While I have been teaching computer software since 1999, the confluence of my interests began while teaching History of Graphic Design at Katherine Gibbs for 3 years. I originated RISD CE’s first DVD production courses in 2003, and I participated in the program once offered jointly by Fraunhofer and RISD on “new media” in 2004. I also pioneered the first strictly on-line courses for continuing education in 2007, a work still in its formative stages. I have also taught many courses on web and print design for RISD’s Young Artist and Pre-College programs since 2005. I have been teaching a course on Digital Portfolio for the Industrial Design department since 2008, and I have guest lectured or taught limited web and print design courses for the Jewelry, Apparel Design, and Ceramics departments.

Bryan Rodrigues

Bryan Rodrigues


  • BA, Rhode Island College


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Chie Theresa Fujioka, BFA 12, Metals I Final, aluminum with brass tubing & steel wire