Faculty: Jenna Goldberg


Jenna Goldberg teaches woodworking in the Industrial Design Department at RISD. She received a BFA in Illustration from University of the Arts and an MFA in Furniture Design at RISD and is the recipient of a North Carolina Arts Council award and a Rhode Island Council for the Arts grant. She is working toward a solo show at Gallery NAGA in Boston, Massachusetts which will take place in 2010. She has shown at various galleries including Pritam and Eames in Easthampton, New York. Her work can be found in multiple private collections as well as the permanent collections of the Mint Museum of Craft and Design in Charlotte, North Carolina, and at the Renwick Gallery, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC.

Jenna Goldberg

Jenna Goldberg


  • BFA, University of the Arts
  • MFA, Rhode Island School of Design


  • ID-2455
    WOOD I

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