Faculty: Justin Sirotin


Justin Sirotin has spent his 13-year industrial design career developing successful products for multinational brands and start-ups. Because of that experience, he was driven to take on the challenge of starting a product company. In January 2008, he co-founded Mars Made, a modern game room furniture manufacturer based in Boston, MA. In addition, Justin has been an adjunct faculty member at RISD since August 2008 where he leverages his experiences to teach the Manufacturing Techniques course in the Industrial Design Department.

Prior to forming Mars Made, Justin worked as the General Manager for Item New Product Development, a product development and manufacturing firm in Providence, RI.  Throughout his tenure at Item he progressed through the positions of staff Industrial Designer, Project Manager and, Director of Operations.

Justin holds a BFA in Industrial Design from the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign.


Justin Sirotin

Justin Sirotin


  • BFA, The University of Illinois

  • ID-2480

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Diau Hall, BFA 10, Felt Flex Chair, Baltic Birch Plywood, Natural Fiber Industrial Felt, Stainless Steel and Copper