Faculty: Barbara Eva Seidenath

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My teaching philosophy:

While building a professional career as a jewelry artist and designer, I was offered the opportunity to teach. I accepted the challenge and it has been a very rewarding experience.  To me teaching is a privilege. It continues to be a reflective practice for me as I learn from my students while teaching them. To me teaching means being clear, tolerant, flexible yet firm, compassionate and critical, patient, enthusiastic, encouraging and unclouded by self serving intentions...

I consider myself a passionate person, believe in the importance of sharing my enthusiasm in all the aspects of creativity and learning with my students.

Teaching by example continues to be a source of inspiration for my students. Maintaining an active connection to my work and the professional world is an essential part of being a vital teacher.

My intent is to provide a nurturing and highly challenging environment that supports personal and creative growth and builds technical competence. I aim to engage the students actively in the learning process as much as possible. I prefer dialogue to a monologue since I consider it more interesting and creative. In my eyes collaboration is a form of dialogue. It encourages responsibility, builds confidence and cultivates community. Similarly I find the experience of working closely with my colleagues most constructive. Developing and teaching a consistent curriculum with a team of colleagues within our department is an effective and rewarding experience.

Ultimately I want to see my students graduate as thoughtful makers and designers and independent thinkers. I enjoy accompanying them in the process of discovering their potential and addressing their weakness and hopefully their path will lead them to artistic excellence and independence in all areas of life.

Barbara Eva Seidenath

Barbara Seidenath

Senior Critic

  • BFA, SUNY - New Paltz


  • J&M-4404
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