Faculty: Michael M. Glancy


Extraordinary and elegant in quality and beauty, Michael Glancy’s sculptures reveal the artist’s exacting struggle towards perfection. Drawing inspiration from natural macro- and micro-environments, Glancy translates cellular landscapes into elegant jewel-toned sculptural objects. Made with blown and plate glass, copper, bronze, silver and gold, his works reference science, biology, molecular physics and mathematics. Glancy’s process of electroforming metal and glass is both magical and scientific, so much so that Glancy walks a fine line between alchemy and art. The hand-carved surface details – intricate and complex – are extraordinary in skill. “The fun part for me,” Glancy states, “is the meticulous work. With a pair of visors that cuts my reality, really tunnels my reality down into a different plane, [I can get] into a micro area. By occupying my hands, it frees my mind.”

Glancy’s vessels are organic and undulating, suggesting elements of topography. His base plates in contrast, flat and angular, suggest latitude and longitude. Tina Oldknow explains, “The finished objects – elegant, self assured vessels grounded on a field, or base plate – to me have the demeanor of a figure in a landscape.”

Critic William Warmus explains, “Michael Glancy magnifies nature in order to reveal its underlying structure. He uses electron microscopes to inspect the eyes of insects; geology inspires him with its stratifications and crystallizations; and the vortex of randomness and chaos theory not only fails to intimidate him, but also provides a template for much of his work. Glancy’s two-dimensional sketches contain his musings on all of these matters, and he has found that sketching on glass is best suited to his ambitions. These become the flat glass panels that form sculptural bases for his artworks, and their structures unfold into and inspire the vessels that sit astride them.”

Michael M. Glancy

  • J&M-4406
Jewelry + Metalsmithing Foreground Image 2
Melissa Tyson, Etching Series, sterling silver, copper