Faculty: Richard Johnson


Richard Johnson began his education in the study of Landscape Horticulture, then developed an interest in more abstract issues in Horticulture, completing Masters of Science and Ph.D. degrees with theses involved in commercial flower production.  He taught in the Horticulture department at Virginia Tech for several years, with courses required for both Horticulture and Landscape Architecture degrees.  This awakened his interest in Landscape Architecture and he returned to graduate school for a Masters of Landscape Architecture degree from Harvard University in 1986, in some sense exchanging the sciences for the arts.  He was fortunate to work with several successful firms in the Boston area on a wide range of public and private designs in the United States and in Europe, making use of his horticulture background particularly in complex planting projects.  In 1995 he relocated to Cape Cod, working with Stephen Stimson Associates until late 2009, when he established his own firm.  Over these years of practice, he has developed particular interests in landscape ecology and the development of projects in sensitive environmental settings.  More recently he has become interested in interior plantings and their impact on the workplace experience.



Richard Johnson

Richard Johnson


  • BS, Cornell University
  • PHD, University of Minnesota, Duluth
  • MS, North Carolina State University
  • MLA, Harvard University


  • LDAR-2252

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Laurencia Strauss, hybrid drawing