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About RISD's Residence Life Policies

Please note that some of these regulations pertain only to particular areas of housing. In such cases, the applicable areas (the Quad, Hill Houses, 15 West, etc.) will be specified. If not specifically delineated, the content of these regulations apply to all residential facilities. The terms “residence hall,” “housing,” and “residential facility” apply to all types of housing. In addition to the following policies, resident students must abide by the contents of the Housing & Dining Contract. These policies may be amended as necessary.

Charles Landing residents must adhere to both these policies and the policies and regulations detailed in the Mount Vernon Company Resident Handbook. All of the requirements of the RISD Student Conduct Code also apply to residents of Charles Landing.

General Expectations

It is essential that each student respect the privileges of all other community members. Any behavior that interferes with the educational process, disrupts, or otherwise infringes upon others’ ability to exercise the privileges to which they are entitled will not be tolerated. Students who behave in a consistently inconsiderate or immature manner can be as disruptive as those who commit major violations of school policy. Please note that failure to comply with the reasonable request of any RISD official is a serious offense and will be treated as such.

In short, we expect all students to conduct themselves in a manner supportive of community living and within the limits set by institutional policies. In light of the number of resident students and staffing limitations, please understand that students bear the responsibility to comply with these and other guidelines, rules and regulations. While rules and regulations seek to guide behavior and establish safe and harmonious environments, the primary responsibility for safe behavior rests with individual students.

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