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Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree Requirements

  • A minimum cumulative grade-point average of not less than 2.00.
  • The BFA requires a minimum course of study of four full-time years, with a minimum of two years’ residency at the College in a program leading to a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.
  • Satisfactory completion of the final semester and degree project as a full-time student at the College – normally in the second semester of the senior or fifth year.
  • Payment of the minimum tuition requirement. The minimum tuition requirement is four full-time academic years (BFA) or five academic years (professional degrees), or the equivalent for transfer students. This tuition requirement is separate from and in addition to any other degree requirements. Tuition for an academic year covers a maximum of 36 credits.
  • Payment of all financial obligations to the College or satisfactory arrangements for such payments.
  • Filing an "Application for Degree" early in the senior year. A student who expects to receive a BFA or the a BArch or professional baccalaureate simultaneously at the end of the fifth year should declare this on the Application for Degree.
  • Completion of a minimum of 126 credits, including:

    Foundation Studies Studios 18 credits
    Major field
    (Refer to the curriculum outline at the beginning of each department’s
    section of the Course Announcement)
    54 credits
    History of Art and Visual Culture
    (Including HAVC H101 and HAVC H102)  
    12 credits
    Literary Arts and Studies
    (Including LAS E101)  
    9 credits
    History, Philosophy, and the Social Sciences
    (Including HPSS S101. S101 is a prerequisite for further Fall and Spring
    elective study in the department of HPSS.)
    9 credits
    Additional electives in Liberal Arts
    This category includes four courses chosen from electives in any of the areas above
    (HAVC, LAS, HPSS) or from LAEL courses, a pool of courses which carry Liberal
    Arts credit. LAEL courses include studies in mathematics, the natural sciences, theater 
    and the history of specific studio disciplines, among others.
    12 credits
    Non-major Studio Electives
    Typically, studio courses taken outside of one’s major. However, up to 6 of the 12
    credits may be in non-major electives that are neither Liberal Arts nor visual art or
    design studios, such as engineering, music or theater. Students must get the approval
    of their department head before registering for a course in the latter category.
    12 credits
    Total Credits for BFA 126 credits

     Changes, substitutions or waivers to any of the course requirements of the items above must be approved in writing, using the Degree Requirement Waiver/ Substitution Form available on the Registrar’s website.

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