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Change of Address

Students must promptly notify the Registrar’s Office and their major department of changes in local address and telephone as well as permanent (home) address and telephone. Changes may be reported in person or via phone, fax or email to registrar@risd.edu.

Most paper correspondences and notifications are sent to the RISD mailbox, with the important exception of billing information which is mailed to the billing address on file with the Student Accounts Office.  A RISD box number is not sufficient for a local address, and all students who are not living in RISD residence facilities should have their local address and a local phone number on file at all times. Students living in a RISD residence hall need not report a local address.

 International students may not use a permanent home address in the United States; A home address in the native country must be on file at all times.

On WebAdvisor, there is a link for “Emergency Notification.”  As part of a continuing effort to enhance College safety, RISD has established RISD!Alert, an emergency notification system. This system will allow RISD to distribute time-sensitive information quickly to faculty, staff, and students by means of broadcast telephone, email and text messaging. Please keep your emergency contact information  up-to-date by periodically checking this link and confirming a contact number in case of campus-wide emergency as well as a phone number to contact in case of a personal emergency.

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