Policies + Disclosures

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Three-credit internships are permitted in fall, spring, Wintersession, and summer. In a few departments that were grandfathered in under the former policy (pre-2008), such as Apparel Design, an internship may be taken during Wintersession for 6 credits.

Undergraduates are eligible to take a fall, spring or Wintersession internship once they have successfully completed their freshman year and may take their first summer internship after their sophomore year. Undergraduates may take a maximum of 6 internship credits toward their degree.

Enrollment in a credit-bearing internship requires completion of an electronic Internship Registration and Agreement in ArtWorks (RISD’s online system used for tracking internships) by the deadline posted on the academic calendar. Registration for an internship requires special approvals and registration through ArtWorks.

Students may not retroactively register for internships. Students must be enrolled in the internship during the semester in which the credit is sought. Students who participate in summer internships for academic credit must be returning as enrolled students for the following fall semester. Grading is Pass/Fail only.

The Career Center works cooperatively with academic departments to identify quality internships for students. Academic credit may be granted (with department approval) for student’s participation in an internship experience. Students often find that the professional experience and knowledge gained are invaluable in determining career choices and directions. Any student interested in exploring internship opportunities should review the Student Internship Info at risdcareers.  

Electronic forms for evaluating the student’s work as an intern are provided to the supervisor and student through ArtWorks as the internship is nearing completion. Supervisors and students will submit their internship evaluation forms electronically at the end of the internship period.

Sample evaluation forms for students and internship supervisors can be viewed in advance to help clarify the educational expectations for the internship.

Students are graded by the instructor on record for the registered internship. The grading process is supported by the supervisor and student evaluations submitted through ArtWorks.


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