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Three-credit internships are permitted in fall, spring, Wintersession and summer. In a few departments that were grandfathered in under the former policy (pre-2008), such as Apparel Design, an internship may be taken during Wintersession for six credits.

Undergraduates are eligible to take a fall, spring or Wintersession internship once they have successfully completed their freshman year and may take their first summer internship after their sophomore year. Undergraduates may take a maximum of six credits toward their degree. Internships taken over the summer for three credits will be included in the cumulative credit count for the upcoming year.

Registration for an internship requires special forms and approvals. See the Internship Instructions page for important details on this process.

The Career Services Office works cooperatively with academic departments to identify professional internships. Academic credit can be granted (with department approval) for participation in a six-week Wintersession internship program. Students often find that the professional experience and knowledge gained are invaluable in career choices and directions. Anyone interested in Wintersession internship opportunities should contact his or her department directly. Information on summer internships is also available through the Career Services Office; several internship seminars are also offered.

Furniture Design students walk along the riverfront, carrying their projects to class.