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General Requirements, Deadlines, Forms
Readmission to RISD after a voluntary or involuntary leave requires completion of the Application for Readmission which is available from the Office of the Registrar. Normally, the deadline for filing for readmission is April 1 for fall semester entry and October 1 for Wintersession and spring semester entry. Students are highly encouraged to speak with their Department Head in advance of the readmission deadline date. Readmission decisions are made on an individual basis and are subject to availability of space in your designated program. Applications received after the deadline date will be reviewed after new transfers have been accepted which may reduce or eliminate any space in the program.

The Application for Readmission and any required accompanying documents, as described in the Readmission Instructions and Procedures, should be submitted to the Office of the Registrar by the deadline dates for application. The Office of the Registrar is located on the first floor of 20 Washington Place and the number is 401 454-6151.

If you intend to apply for Financial Aid, submit your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by April 1 of the year you expect to return. The Financial Aid Office can be contacted at 401 454-6636.

For students wishing to live on campus, a completed housing contract must be submitted to Residence Life. Residence Life can be reached at 401 454-6650. A complete and updated Health Form must be on file in Health Services before readmission will be approved. Health Services can be contacted at 401 454-6625.

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Academic Dismissals
Readmission applications by students who were academically dismissed should address the problems which led to the academic dismissal and put forth the case for the student’s success upon returning to RISD. The student should attach to their readmission form a letter stating the following:

  • A statement describing how the time away has been spent, addressing the problems which led to the dismissal and explaining how those problems will not occur if readmission to RISD is granted.
  • Other materials which were required at the time of dismissal that may be relevant to the dismissal.

These documents must be submitted to the Office of the Registrar by the deadline dates for application and should accompany the Application for Readmission Form.

Dismissals Related to Conduct
Readmission applications by students who were dismissed for conduct reasons should complete the Application for Readmission and attach any relevant information that was requested at the time of the leave.

Medical Leave
Students who take voluntary medical leave must apply for readmission through the medical leave readmission process. This process is designed to confirm that the student is sufficiently recovered to return to campus and participate successfully in the rigorous academic program and unsupervised student environment of RISD, work autonomously and up to potential without undue strain and without disruption of others in the college community, and adequately monitor her/his own health. A phone or on site interview with the Medical Readmission Committee may be required to discuss the student’s readiness to return. To apply for readmission from a medical leave, the following documents should accompany the Application for Readmission:

Student letter: A letter from the student indicating:

  • The student’s wish to return from medical leave.
  • The desired date of return.
  • How the student has addressed the conditions that necessitated a medical leave.
  • How the student has spent his/her time while on leave.
  • In the case of leaves for psychological or psychiatric reasons, what the student has learned from the experience.
  • If the student needs ongoing or follow-up care, the plans and arrangements the student has made to receive it.

Medical provider’s letter: A letter from the student’s licensed medical provider (on official letterhead), sent directly from the provider to the Office of Student Affairs, including:

  • A description of the provider’s credentials.
  • Confirmation that the provider has treated the student.
  • An assessment of the student’s readiness to return to and participate successfully in the rigorous academic program and unsupervised student environment of RISD.
  • A statement whether there is a need for ongoing or follow-up care and, if so, its nature and expected length, any plans or arrangements that have been made to obtain it, and whether and how the provider will be involved in providing it.

There is no fee to apply for readmission. The Student Accounts Office will bill you for tuition, room, board and other charges in July for September readmission and in December for Wintersession or Spring readmission. Readmits for Fall are billed the matriculation fee in April as are all other continuing students. This fee is $150.00 and is credited to your Fall tuition upon enrollment. It is refundable until July 15. After that, if you do not return in Fall, the fee is not returned. Bills are payable to the Student Accounts Office; contact them at 401 454-6445.

Graduation Requirements
If you have been away from RISD for four years or more, you will be required to satisfy the graduation requirements in effect at the time of your readmission.

Transfer of credits taken while on leave
Have official transcripts sent to the Registrar's Office for evaluation of possible transfer credit taken while you were on leave or withdrawn. A grand total of 12 credits of transfer work is allowed for credits earned after a student initially matriculates at RISD. Keep this credit limitation in mind if you plan to take classes at another institution while on leave from RISD.


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