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File Sharing Policy

Illegal file sharing is a violation of RISD’s computer use policy. While RISD does not actively monitor its networks, it will respond to violations that come to its attention, and repeat infringers will be deprived of further network access.

While it generally is accepted that “space-shifting” – ripping an MP3 from a CD you already own for your own personal use on your own computer or MP3 player – is “fair use,” the courts have held that it is not legal to then share that MP3 indiscriminately over the Internet.

As members of an institution devoted to the creation of art and design, students should be especially mindful of file sharing issues. Artists’ and designers’ livelihoods are dependent in large part on the creation of, and the respect of others for, intellectual property. Just as artists wish to protect the economic value of their own copyrights, so, too, do the musicians, filmmakers, and other fellow artists whose work is being traded over the Internet without appropriate compensation.

Additional information about these issues can be found at the following:
The RIAA’s Position on File Sharing  

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