Policies + Disclosures

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Keys, Locks and Access Cards

College-issued keys or access cards must not be loaned to anyone. Duplication is prohibited.

Doors that open to the outside or into building corridors remain locked at all times and should never be blocked open. Do not allow nonresidents into a building. If a nonresident gains entry to your building without your permission, report this to Public Safety immediately. Students are responsible for keeping their room doors locked at all times, even when leaving the room for brief periods of time.

All students accessing 15 West must present their ID card to the building monitor every time they enter the building.

If you lose a key or access card, report it to Public Safety as soon as possible, so that you may obtain a temporary replacement. If you are accidentally locked out of your room, you can borrow a temporary lockout key/card at the Quad Public Safety Office or at 15 West Public Safety for residents of that building. These key/cards must be returned within 24 hours or fines and fees will be imposed.

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