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Laptop Program

RISD academic departments currently requiring students to purchase specific laptop hardware and software packages through their academic program are: Industrial Design, Graphic Design, Furniture Design, Interior Architecture, Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Digital Media and Photography.

Students declaring the above stated majors will be required to purchase a department-specified laptop hardware and software package directly through the academic program for use beginning in the fall term of the student’s sophomore year (or 1st year of entry for Graduate students). All students declaring majors in the above specified Academic Laptop Programs will receive detailed system specifications, ordering instructions, and program policy during the late spring/early summer time frame prior to the fall term in which they enter into their program major.

Academic Laptop Program cost varies according to each individual department’s specifically required hardware and software suite. Total Laptop Package costs can be anticipated to fall within the range of $3000 - $4000. Detailed laptop program information may be available through the individual laptop program departments.


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