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Tuition, Fees, Extra Credit Charges

Payment Policy
Information on tuition and fees is contained in mailings sent by the Student Accounts Office each semester to students, parents or other persons responsible for payment of assessed charges. That information along with other fees, fines, and refund policies are posted on the RISD website.

Student accounts must be paid according to policies and deadlines established by the Student Accounts Office. Students who do not pay their tuition bill, or make other acceptable financial arrangements, by the August 15 (Fall) or January 10 (Spring) due date, will be assessed a late fee.

In addition, RISD reserves the right to withhold services from students whose accounts are past due, including, but not limited to, withholding grades, transcripts, and registration; or administratively withdrawing a student from the College. Past due accounts may be assigned to a collection agency and if they are, students may be responsible for collection and/or legal expenses.

Full-time students in either Fall or Spring are not assessed separate Wintersession tuition or room charges as it is included in the charges for Fall and/or Spring terms. A student enrolled in Wintersession without full-time status during Fall or Spring of that academic year is assessed per credit tuition charges.

Additional Fees on Select Courses
Courses during Fall, Wintersession, or Spring may require payment of fees for materials, rentals, or other reasons. Wintersession travel courses require additional fees for travel expenses, which are due during the preceding fall term.

Minimum Tuition Requirement for Graduation
The minimum tuition requirement is four academic years (B.F.A.) or five academic years (professional degrees), or the equivalent for transfer students. This tuition requirement is separate from and in addition to any other degree requirements. Tuition charges for the baccalaureate degree are based on full-time status during the academic year. An academic year includes a maximum of 36 credits.

Credit Overage Charges
Extra credit charges are assessed for credits in excess of 36 total attempted credits for the academic year. This total is based on the student’s credit hour load at the conclusion of the Add/Drop period for the Fall and Spring semesters and Wintersession. Credits added subsequent to the Add deadline (through academic petition or special permission) will also be included in the total, as will courses taken as “audit” and courses graded “W.” The extra credit charge is the current per credit rate ($1,366 in 2012-13) multiplied by the number of credits greater than 36.

Mandatory Laptop Program
In several RISD Departments, incoming sophomore, first year graduate and transfer students are obliged to participate in a 'laptop program', requiring the purchase of a portable computer, software applications, upgrades and personal insurance as specified in the current 'Laptop Program Requirements and Policy Guidelines', a document distributed at the same time the laptops are distributed. At present, the participating departments are Architecture, Digital Media, Furniture Design, Graphic Design, Industrial Design, Interior Architecture, Landscape Architecture and Photography.

Matriculation Fee
There is a matriculation fee for returning students of $150 which is payable by April 15. This fee applies to all students who plan to return to RISD for another year. The payment is credited to the first semester’s tuition. The fee is not refundable after July 15.

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