Policies + Disclosures

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Overpayments: If you have an overpayment on your tuition account, request a refund from the Student Accounts Office. It takes seven to 10 business days to prepare a check.

Payment Plans: Monthly payment plans enable families to spread payment of annual billed charges over 12 months in equal installments. The first payment is typically due in early July. The Tuition Management System manages the payment plan for RISD. For more information please visit www.afford.com.

Payments: Tuition invoices are mailed to your home address each July and December. The first semester bill must be paid by August 15 and the second semester bill by January 10. If you do not pay your tuition bill or make alternative arrangements by the above due dates, you will be charged a late fee on the respective due date. Any amount unpaid after the due date is subject to an interest charge, unless an alternative payment plan has been arranged. Settlement of this obligation rests with you or your parents.

In fairness to those who pay tuition promptly and in full, RISD observes the following policies: No student may withdraw in good standing unless all current financial obligations to the institution have been met. Until that time, no diploma, certificate, transcript, letter of honorable dismissal or recommendation will be granted. If your account becomes past due, you will be subject to dismissal. If you have an outstanding financial obligation to RISD for tuition, fees and/or purchases at the RISD Store, you will not receive grades or transcripts. Unsatisfied financial obligations will also block your registration.

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