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Work Study

Students who have received Federal Work Study (FWS) are encouraged to work in community service jobs – i.e., employment which can be recognized as improving the quality of life for community residents or helping solve problems related to their needs. These areas may include health care, childcare, literacy training, recreation, tutoring, counseling, welfare services, housing improvement and social services.

Students who have received either FWS or RISD Work Study (RWS) may choose from a variety of jobs on campus. Any student working on campus MUST complete a W-4 payroll form and I-9 form before beginning employment. The I-9 form requires proof of identity and U.S. citizenship/eligibility to work. This may include your RISD ID, driver’s license or government-issued ID for proof of identity and a Social Security card, official birth certificate or U.S. passport for proof of U.S. citizenship/eligibility to work.

All students, including non-work-study students, may go to the job website at studentemployment.risd.edu to view current job openings both on- and off-campus. They may also view a copy of these listings in the Student Employment Office on the first floor of 20 Washington Place.

The Career Center also assists students in finding art-related jobs following graduation, during summer vacations and on a freelance basis. The Continuing Education Office is in charge of RISD Summer Sessions and related summer employment.

Providence's riverfront park offers a great setting for drawing and sketching, just across from RISD's Mandle Center for
Living and Learning.