Dining is and always was a great artistic opportunity.”
Frank Lloyd Wright

At RISD Dining Services we pride ourselves on providing quality, delicious and artfully prepared food. Our team of professionals strives to exceed your expectations and awaken your senses. It is what sets us apart!

We offer a variety of settings for you to choose from. The Met is a social hub on campus with a variety of food offerings, late night offerings and community meeting spaces. For eclectic menu choices, Portfolio Café, centrally located at 15 West, is a great place to connect with friends. Whether you prefer a nutritious salad at the intimate Watermark Café or a gourmet sandwich at the Jolly Roger Café, our dining areas are clean, comfortable and welcoming. Don’t forget to look for Rosie, our mobile food truck, at special events on and off campus.

RISD Dining also has an environmental conscience. We share a deep concern with the public for the stewardship of our natural resources - and do our part by promoting recycling, energy efficiency and purchasing local products as part of our C.A.R.E.S. (Community, Action/Awareness, Recycling, Environment, Sustainability) Program.

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Note to Parents of RISD Students

On behalf of the entire RISD Dining staff, I’d like to first extend our enthusiasm in having the pleasure of serving your student. Our employees are among the best in the field, committed to providing quality, delicious and nutritious food.

Two of the most commonly asked questions by first-year parents are:

My student tells me they want to add money to their card, is there something I should know?
Your student receives 200 points (1 point = 1 dollar) for the year to spend on snacks, coffee or something at the Portfolio Café, Watermark, Jolly Roger, Rosie’s or Carr Haus Coffee Shop. Some students snack more than others and will want to add more points. If you want to add points contact Isabel Ferreira at 401 454-6642 or at iferreir@risd.edu and she will assist you.

Can I purchase a cake to help my student celebrate a special occasion?
Yes! Just contact our bakery department and we will assist you with that. (Stephanie or John, 401 454-6781)

You as parents can get involved! For example, send us a recipe and we will feature it on campus.

I welcome your comments and suggestions. If you have any further questions I would be happy to speak with you in person!

Ginnie Dunleavy
Director of Retail and Dining Services
401 427-6978

RISD Dining Core Values

We empower our diverse staff to enable them to consistently exhibit a positive attitude and enthusiasm to our customers, and in support of our mission. Dining’s role is more than a place for eating—it’s a place where friendships are forged. We represent hubs on campus where the community can meet, entertain, relax, do school work, socialize—and yes, enjoy great food!

Our program is based on a commitment to use the highest quality, freshest ingredients possible. We support local food interests and provide mentoring to those who wish to reflect our goals of preserving natural resources and support community businesses. We put value on being able to source a product locally. Our culinary team works to create menus that are thoughtful, tasty and inspiring.  We embrace the educational environment in which we work and believe that food is critical to the creative process.

We strive to use products and practices that have minimal environmental impact by using the highest quality ingredients and by sourcing local ingredients whenever possible. Our team strives to reduce energy consumption and waste.

We are an ingredients-based program committed to using the highest quality possible. Our menu mix, facilities and programs are designed through perceptive insight, observation and personal experience of human behavior and how products and services are used.

Dining Staff

Virginia (Ginnie) Dunleavy
Executive Director of Auxiliary Services
(Dining, 2D and 3D Stores, Copy Center and Mail Room)
401 427-6978

Pierre St-Germain
Associate Director for Dining Services
401 454-6362

Isabel Ferreira
Dining Accounts Manager
401 454-6642

Bill Andreozzi
Associate Director of Business Management
401 454-6361

David Gould
Executive Chef, Dining and Catering
401 709-8505

Stephanie Kirwan
Bakery Supervisor
401 454-6781

Tim McFate
Chef/Manager, Portfolio Café
401 427-6917

Christopher Wood
Assistant Chef/Manager, Portfolio Café
401 427-6329

Edward Crowe
General Manager, The Met
401 454-6781

Todd Torres
Assistant Manager, Cafés
401 454-6568

Matt Martin
Chef/Manager, Cafés
401 454-6568

Linda Gustafson
Catering Manager
401 277-4896

Providence's riverfront park offers a great setting for drawing and sketching, just across from RISD's Mandle Center for
Living and Learning.