RISD Rides

RISD Rides is a late night shuttle service provided for RISD students, staff and faculty for free. RISD contracts Professional Security Services, Inc. of Cranston, RI to operate RISD Rides. All questions, complaints and concerns about RISD Rides are handled by the RISD Department of Public Safety. 

All RISD Rides drivers are professionally licensed chauffeurs who have had their backgrounds checked by Professional Security Services, Inc. RISD Rides drivers wear a Professional Security Services uniform and a photo badge which you may ask to see at any time.

Please remember that RISD Rides is not a free taxi service. It is provided free at considerable expense in order to ensure your safety. All riders are urged to use the service appropriately.

What are the Routes? 

RISD Rides consists of two fixed route shuttles running daily (when RISD is in session) from 7:00 pm to Midnight. See the Route 1 and Route 2 maps for more information. From Midnight to 3:30 am, RISD Rides provides “To-Your-Door” service.

What is To-Your-Door? 

To-Your-Door provides rides only from designated RISD campus buildings (Mason/Fletcher, 2 College Street, ISB and BEB) to a rider’s residence within the To-Your-Door coverage area between the hours of Midnight and 3:30 am. To request a ride from one of these buildings, call 401 427-6915.

Shuttles stop running at 3:30 am, you should board the shuttle by 3:15 am to ensure that you are able to reach your destination prior to end of service.

RISD community members who reside beyond the designated service boundaries are not eligible to use To-Your-Door and will not be dropped off at the boundary.

Rules and regulations 

  • Have your ID card ready before entering the vehicle. You must show a valid RISD ID to the driver when boarding. This is to ensure the safety of both our drivers and our riders.
  • If you bring a guest you are responsible for the conduct of that guest.
  • If you damage a RISD Rides vehicle you will be billed for the repairs.
  • No pets
  • No smoking
  • Absolutely no alcohol (in open or closed containers)
  • You are required by Rhode Island state law to wear a seatbelt.
  • You have the right to be driven home in a safe manner and the right to be treated with courtesy and respect. You also have the obligation to treat RISD Rides employees with the same courtesy and respect.
  • RISD Rides reserves the right to deny transport to any passenger if, in the judgment of the driver, the passenger’s behavior is a danger to the vehicle, the driver or other passengers.

Maps + Schedules


Request a RISD Ride:
401 427-6915
(see "To-Your-Door" service details at left)

Email: pubsafe@risd.edu
(questions or complaints)

EMERGENCY: 401 454-6666
(RISD Public Safety 24-hours)

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