Carr Haus

Carr Haus is among the favorite gathering places for students on campus. The Carr Haus Café offers a relaxed setting to meet friends between classes or in the early evening. The menu includes a wide variety of bagels, sandwiches, juices, coffee, teas and pastries at reasonable prices. It’s a great place to take a break and tune into an eclectic range of music. In addition to the cafe, Carr Haus offers a game room, student conference room, lounge areas and the opportunity to enjoy student artwork at the Carr Haus Student Gallery, also known as Art Haus.

210 Benefit St, 1st floor, Providence, RI, 02903
Phone: 401 454-6604
Hours and more can be found at

Providence's riverfront park offers a great setting for drawing and sketching, just across from RISD's Mandle Center for
Living and Learning.