Clubs and Organizations

With over 45 clubs and organizations ranging from Pokemon to the Rock Climbing club, we have something for everyone.

Clubs and organizations are a great way to meet new people, challenge your thinking, practice leadership, and get hands-on experience working on something that matters to you. With over 60 clubs, organizations and teams, we have something for everyone.

RISD clubs and organizations are divided into six collectives.

  1. Arts—Focused on the visual and performing arts, these clubs and organizations are a great way for you to supplement your academic pursuits.
  2. Athletic Teams/ Fitness—Ranging in levels from clubs to varsity, these groups give you a chance to get out of your studio and move, while meeting like-minded individuals from other parts of campus.
  3. Community—Step outside the world of RISD and get involved in the greater community of Providence.
  4. Professional—Get hands-on experience that can transfer to life beyond RISD. Run a student gallery, work at the Second Life art supply store, and more.
  5. Common Interests—With a wide variety of themes, these clubs allow you to step outside the art and design arena and share your interests with your fellow students.
  6. Cultural, Religious, and Identity—Explore new cultures and learn more about your own in these all-inclusive groups.

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Providence's riverfront park offers a great setting for drawing and sketching, just across from RISD's Mandle Center for
Living and Learning.