RISD is committed to embracing a diverse population of student religious beliefs and spiritualities, including those of no faith. To request accommodation for an absence or deadline conflict, refer to RISD's policy on religious observances.

There are a number of organizations both at neighboring Brown University and throughout the Rhode Island area to support you during your time at RISD.

Brown/RISD Hillel

Brown RISD Hillel Foundation supports a wide array of Jewish activities for the entire Brown and RISD communities.
phone: 401 863-6506
website: http://www.brownrisd.hillel.org/home/about.aspx
location: 80 Brown Street

Brown-RISD Catholic Community

More than eight hundred undergraduates from Brown and two hundred from RISD identify themselves as Roman Catholics. The purpose of our ministry is to offer opportunities for all to expand their knowledge of the Catholic tradition and deepen their relationship with Christ in the community of the Church.
Prospective students, alumni, parents, and visitors are more than welcome to contact us or participate in any of our activities.
phone: 401 863-2344
e-mail: catholic@brown.edu
website: catholic.brown.edu 

College Hill for Christ

College Hill for Christ (CHC) is an interdenominational ministry committed to understanding what it means to have a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ–both how to begin such a relationship and how to continue to grow in it. We are a local chapter of Campus Crusade for Christ International.
email: CHC@brown.edu
website: www.collegehillforchrist.com 

Branch Christian Ministry

The Branch Christian Ministry is a missional community of students at Brown University, RISD and college hill area campuses in Providence, RI. The Branch is alocal chapter of chi alpha christian fellowship (a ministry of the Assemblies of God).
website: www.thebranchconnect.com 

Reformed University Fellowship

Reformed University Fellowship (RUF) is an evangelical Christian fellowship that is connected with the nationwide campus ministry of the Presbyterian Church in America. Our members are students from a wide variety of ethnicities, church, and religious backgrounds who want to know Jesus Christ. RUF is here for both the "convinced" Christian and the "unconvinced" who want to know more about Christianity.
website: www.rufbrownrisd.org 

The Providence River and cityscape as seen from the southern edge of campus, behind the Industrial Design and
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