Faculty: Emily Bright


Emmy Bright is an artist and educator living in Providence, Rhode Island. She teaches Critical Investigation in Arts Learning at RISD and other courses at The Feinstein Institute for Public Service at Providence College and in the Art Education Department at CUNY’s City College of New York. She has worked as an administrator, educator, researcher and artist for numerous non profit organizations and schools in New Haven, Boston, New York, and Chicago including Columbia College’s Center for Community Arts Partnerships and the national Teaching Artist Research Project at University of Chicago. She recently completed a three-year fellowship at New Urban Arts, and it is still one of her favorite places to do projects. Her visual and academic projects focus on language, socialness and the construction of meaning. In the studio she makes objects, drawings and prints using both intuitive and analytical working methods.

Emily Bright


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Michelle Cheng, MA '10, enages with children during a RISD Museum family program