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Division of Liberal Arts

RISD distinguishes itself among art schools by emphasizing the value of liberal arts studies as a complement to studio work and by the excellence of its liberal arts programs. The Division of Liberal Arts includes three departments: History of Art and Visual Culture (HAVC), History, Philosophy and the Social Sciences (HPSS), and Literary Arts and Studies (LAS). In addition to its courses, each department also offers a "concentration" – a more focused program of study for students interested in concentrating their liberal arts studies within one of the departments. Independent Study Projects (ISPs) are also available with Liberal Arts faculty.

Address: 236 Benefit Street, College Building 418
Hours: Monday-Friday, 8:00 am – 4:00 pm

Phone: 401 454-6572
Fax: 401 454-6586

At RISD there's nothing unusual about suddenly finding a doorknob on a tree trunk, shown here across from Carr House,
the charming home of Student Life offices and the student-run Carr Haus Café.