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Fire and Life Safety

Facilities, working in conjunction with the departments of Public Safety and Environmental Health and Safety (EHS), is responsible for RISD’s Fire/Life Safety Program.

Under the direction of Fire Technician Kevin Burns, RISD electricians maintain all building fire safety equipment including fire alarm panels, smoke and fire detectors, emergency lighting devices and fire extinguishers.

Fire safety inspections are conducted with RISD’s building insurance carrier (Liberty Mutual) on a periodic basis and fire safety equipment is inspected quarterly by an outside firm. For fire code issues, consultant Keith Burlingame of Hughes Associates provides advice and direction.

The Department of Public Safety walks through campus buildings on a daily basis inspecting for fire safety issues such as blocked egress and propped doors.

The EHS Department is charged with ensuring that fire drills are conducted in dormitories at least once a semester, updating the intranet website and providing training in fire and life safety issues.

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At RISD there's nothing unusual about suddenly finding a doorknob on a tree trunk, shown here across from Carr House,
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