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  • Randall Illuminates the RISDsphere

    When particle physicist Lisa Randall visits RISD as part of the Shared Voices series, she’ll shed light on the very nature of reality.

  • Juan Enriquez Opens SHARED VOICES

    Author and life sciences expert Juan Enriquez talks about the game-changing impact of genomics in an open forum at the RISD Auditorium on Thursday, January 5.

  • Alum’s Neurotic Machines at Bell Gallery

    Quirky kinetic sculpture by Meridith Pingree MFA 03 SC injects a visceral immediacy to the work in a group show at Brown University’s David Winton Bell Gallery.

  • Polymath Artist Anne Spalter Makes NYC Debut

    Inspired by computers, math and the complexity of contemporary life, Anne Morgan Spalter MFA 92 PT presents a new body of work in her first New York solo show, called Traffic Circle.

  • Opportunities to Make It Better

    A new healthcare internship program at the Department of Health and Human Services grew out of RISD’s 2011 Make It Better symposium.

  • Maeda Brings STEAM to MIT

    RISD President John Maeda and a number of RISD students, faculty members and trustees visited Maeda’s former academic home at the MIT Media Lab to speak about RISD’s STEM to STEAM initiative.

  • Local Collaboration Fosters Global Innovation

    A Better World by Design, a student-led conference organized by RISD and Brown University, addressed sustainable solutions to complex social issues such as food, health care and the built environment in the developing world.

  • Gathering STEAM in Rhode Island

    On September 26, artists, designers, scientists, educators, business leaders and policymakers came together to celebrate Rhode Island’s leadership role in advocating for the role of art and design in fostering innovation.

  • Indie Inventor: Quirky + Pivot Power Get a Turn on TV

    On August 30th, recent RISD graduate Jake Zien 11 GD makes his TV debut on Quirky, a new reality show on the Sundance Channel that brings innovation to life by showing the process and personalities behind successful inventions.

  • Desert Datascapes

    Printmaking alumnus Mitch Marti 96 PR opens his new press to artists while continuing his own digital explorations of the Western landscape.

RISD has a long history of offering Saturday and after-school classes for children and teens, as this photo from c. 1910 confirms.