Carl Lostritto

Carl Lostritto conducts research and teaches in the area of computational design with an emphasis on drawing and media.

Before joining the RISD faculty, he taught architecture and design at The Boston Architectural College, The Catholic University of America, The University of Maryland, and The Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He recently taught a high school level outreach program at MIT and a fabrication and digital craft research studio, which was supported by an Education Committee Grant at the Boston Architectural College.

Concurrent to teaching, he operates a computational design consultancy, 0095b6, which partners with artists, architects, and designers on projects of various types and scales including web design, print media, graphic design, prototyping, installations and buildings.

He studied in a post-professional research program at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology within the Design and Computation Group. His professional architecture degree was earned at the University of Maryland, where he was awarded the Alpha Rho Chi Medal, Thesis Prize, and was recognized by the Center for Teaching Excellence as a Distinguished Teaching Assistant. He also earned his undergraduate degree from the University of Maryland, having graduated summa cum laude.

Academic research/ areas of interest

Carl Lostritto's broad scholarly agenda involves framing computation conceptually. He focuses on representation as an essential territory of architectural thought and discourse. The act of making drawing as well as the process of seeing drawing are of particular emphasis in his work. His modus operandi in practice and pedagogy involves writing software, especially of the kind that controls machines and extends the role of the human author in the design process. Like drawing, animation is coupled with the domains of time and structure, and is another focus of his research. Some of his recent publications on these topics include the essays "Drawn Animations" in Testing to Failure (Sarah Hirschman, editor. SA+P Press, 2011) and "Computation Without Computers" in the Arab Society for Computer Aided Architectural Design Proceedings, 2010.