Graphic Design Landing Content

Laptop Requirement

Sophomores entering the Graphic Design Department are required to purchase a laptop computer, software, upgrades and insurance specified by the department. For more information call the department at 401 454-6171.

Computer Resources / Computer Lab

  • Macintosh Power Mac G4 + G5 computers with OS X 10.4 Tiger

  • cinema displays

  • flatbed scanners

  • color + black-and-white laser printers

  • digital projector stations with VCR and receiver/amp; full-room stereo sound

Graphic Design Lighting Studio / Equipment

Silkscreen Studio

Traditional Typesetting + Printing Facilities


  • vandercook proofing presses

  • extensive collection of wood and metal type

  • Polymer PlateMaker
  • light tables

  • bookbinding equipment

  • papermaking studio


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Lisa Ann Bai