Faculty: Claudia Ford


Claudia Ford is an interdisciplinary scholar with a BA from Columbia University in Biology, an MA from Antioch University in International Health Administration, and currently completing a PhD at Antioch University in Environmental Studies.  Claudia moved to Rhode Island in 2008 after a career in international development and public health spanning all continents. Claudia worked at RISD for four years with international students and study abroad programs. Claudia is also a midwife, an artist, a writer and poet, and she has enjoyed sharing the adventures and challenges of her worldwide work and travel with her four children.

Academic Research/Areas of Interest

Claudia's research interests include historical ethnobotany, traditional ecological and indigenous knowledge, Atlantic environmental history, women's health history, sustainable agriculture, and ecological resilience. Ultimately Claudia is interested in human-nature relationships and how environmental care and awareness can be enhanced for governments, corporations, institutions, communities, and individuals.

Claudia Ford

Claudia Ford


  • BA, Columbia University
  • MA, Antioch University, Yellow Springs

  • HPSS-S469
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