Graduate: MA/MDes

A field at the intersection of architecture, conservation and design of the built environment, Interior Architecture at RISD takes an innovative and progressive approach to addressing design issues intrinsic to the reuse and transformation of existing structures.

The Department offers two degrees for the exploration of this subject. As a post-professional study to a first degree in Architecture, the Master of Arts (MA) in Interior Architecture is a unique specialist design education on the subject of adaptive reuse. The Master of Design (MDes) in Interior Studies with a concentration in Adaptive Reuse provides a unique design education on the alteration of existing structures through interior interventions and adaptive reuse, outside the confines of professional architectural licensure.

Central to the curriculum in both programs, the advanced design studio provides insight into various specialized fields. The core curriculum includes the study of history, theory, drawing, structures, energy, materials, lighting and technology, all of which ensures that students fully understand the concerns of professionals in the building industry and allied fields.